We write
the perfect

We post
on relevant job
boards to attract
top talent

We benchmark
against key
selection criteria
& shortlist resumes

All resumes
are ranked
most suitable
on your own
personal dashboard

$ 660 plus GST

  • Includes
  • Ad Writing
  • Post to all relevant job boards
  • Short-List Applicants
  • Creater your personal SHORTLISTER Dashboard
  • Candidates ranked from Most Suitable

Our Ad Creator

The SHORTLISTER has 20 years experience within the Recruitment World

We know WHAT to write to ensure the Top Talent apply

Our Ad Creator ensures you are providing all the necessary details so we can write the perfect Ad

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We know WHEN to place Ad

We know WHERE to place the Ad

We have access to a magnitude of Job Boards that your advertisement will feature on, ensuring we are saturating the market for you and maximising your chance of a successful hire.


All applicants are benchmarked against your key criteria and ranked in order of suitability, ensuring the top talent are right where they should be, at the top!

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